Francine D'Amico

District 64 School Board Candidate

Academic Achievement

Fiscal Responsibility

I am a resident of Park Ridge and a working mom of two children in D64 and D207. As a child of Italian immigrants, my parents ingrained into my sister and me the motto: “Do better than we did for you”.

This motto was handed down from my grandparents. They knew the educational and financial opportunuites for their children would be better in America. My sister and I were the first generation in our family to attend college. My parents worked hard to give us the opportunity they didn't have. Not only did they provide us a formal education by sending us to college, but by doing so they taught us the virtue of fiscal responsibility.

While every family’s personal history is unique, I think a common thread can be found in all of them. As parents, we do everything possible to give our children the best chance in life to succeed. We teach them lessons we learned, we teach them skills we learned. We seek out the best academic opportunities to build the foundational learning building blocks they will rely on for the rest of their lives. Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate; learning is a lifelong journey.

I am running for D64 School Board because I want to ensure the District provides each child the foundational learning building blocks they will rely on in their academic career and journey through life. I believe striving for academic achievement and excellence should be the core focus of the District. Striving for achievement and excellence builds confident, courageous and resilient students ready to take on the challenges they will encounter in every facet of their lives.

Thank you for your consideration.


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